Monday, February 4, 2019

I hope this doesn't backfire!

I don't claim to know all the details in this Supreme Court decision but my first reaction is that we see how badly the courts treat victims and how they pander to the perpetrators claiming violations of the perpetrators rights.  What about the victims rights!  In the case of domestic violence, if the perpetrator does go to prison then they receive free medical and mental health care, free education, even TV's and access to the internet while being paid to sit in jail.  While the victim has to pay for her own mental health care, has to try to find a medical doctor and pay for travel and babysitting etc., to attend an appointment, the doctors do not come to the victim.  She has to pay for her accommodations, food and cover any bills that as a family are due, if she goes to a shelter and qualifies she may get a very small daily allowance, less that a couple of bucks.  So who is being punished?  How is this equitable?  Seriously, the courts really need to think before allowing perpetrators to walk away with no ramifications for committing a crime.

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