Monday, January 28, 2019

Could it have been prevented?

I'd like to share a story with you. Several months ago my daughter called me while she was waiting for the police to take her statement.  Nothing like getting THAT kind of call from your daughter who is a university student living away from home.  She and a friend were walking their dogs at a dog park in Ottawa in the evening when they heard what sounded like a fight, and a female calling for help and saying "call police".  My daughter dialed 911 on her cell phone and they waited, feeling scared and helpless.  It was dark so they couldn't really see what was happening and quite frankly they were both too afraid to try to get physically involved, although they yelled that the police were called and on their way hoping that would scare the abuser. The police showed up and stopped the male who was assaulting a female. When my daughter asked the police about this incident, she was told that the two people were "regulars" often sleeping at the park and she got the impression that the police didn't seem overly concerned.  My daughter was curious as the police didn't separate the two people or even talk to the women separately, she didn't hear them offer to take the women to a domestic violence shelter or even the hospital.  Why?

Even if these two people were "regulars" and homeless, why was she, a victim not cared for. The women had her clothes partially ripped off of her and was being assaulted.  Why was she not immediately taken to a hospital or domestic violence shelter if she wasn't hurt.

Unfortunately the story didn't end there, not long ago my daughter heard that this same women was missing, so my daughter and her friends started to watch for her in the area but have not seen her. Because she has been murdered.

Another mother, daughter, sister and friend, added to the missing and murdered women list.
I can't help but wonder that if the police had taken her to a shelter perhaps this women would be alive today.  CBC