Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Domestic Violence and Politics

Once again, public figures running for positions of power in the political arena with a questionable past are in the news.  Check out CTV and CBC Winnipeg.  Like shopping, its buyer beware but it is so difficult to know what you are buying, same situation when selecting a political leader.  If they choose not to talk about a questionable past how would we ever know? 

Well, sometimes history is voiced because survivors are starting to talk about their experiences.  What many people do not understand is the courage and fortitude it takes for a survivor to speak out.  So many feelings suppressed due to societal pressure and upbringing not to mention embarrassment and or fear for themselves, children, family and pets, creates a barrier for survivors to voice their experiences. 

I want to acknowledge the survivors who are speaking out against family violence, good for you! You are my hero's.

We have much work to do to increase recognition of family violence as a crucial social issue and to create access to effective programs and services that support healing, accountability and healthy relationships.

We will continue this work.